Better competitiveness in the global market place.

Gaido helps organizations to build their company value and succeed in their change processes. Tools most commonly used are:

  • Brand audit – situational analysis
  • Brand capital development & brand renewal
  • Communication and content strategies
  • Marketing & communication concepts


Brand audit - Situational analysis


A professional guidance can not been given, if you don’t know the starting point.

Situational analysis is my recommendation for a project start. It gives an overview of brand image, awareness and preference, brand related operational strengths, opportunities and risks as well as communicative practices across stakeholders, buyer profiles and geographies.

Another part is the competitors’ communication analysis. Quite a lot of communication choices of your competitors can be analyzed from their websites and social media.

Other relevant material for brand audit can be customer, personnel, agent and partner interviews, satisfaction surveys, exhibition and other event feedback, media clips or published articles, or social media discussions.

Brand capital development & brand renewal

Brand renewal is one way for brand capital development. It is most often applied when the market or offering changes dramatically. A good brand is flexible for other types of developments, such as brand extension, brand stretch or co-branding. It is also a matter of budget in some cases.

A brand strategist can give you an outsider view on where to put your effort and money in relation to the selected vision and values you want to be known for. Brand capital can not be developed systematically without a proper brand definition though. So if you don’t yet have it, spend a moment and think WHAT MAKES YOU SPECIAL? Why should somebody choose you instead of your competitor? What makes you memorable and recognizable? Or call me.


Communication and content strategies


No brand will live long, unless you are ready to nurture it. A proven tool for that is a theme-based communication strategy. It is a roadmap for a mid-term brand development. Make sure you have measurable goals and clear view on field of forces affecting your brand. Content strategy digs deeper into the selected strategy themes and makes them concrete.

Marketing & communication concepts

Concept takes the brand and communication strategy into certain specific context. Context can be product marketing, customer communication, exhibition presence, web services, stakeholder engagement, recruitment, etc. Good concept has a clear target group and goals and distinctive message and outlook. Every concept should build the brand capital into the desired direction. Smart concepts are also built so, that they can be integrated seamlessly to other branding tools and mediums after the launch phase.