References & CASES

I just realized it some years ago, that almost every company with whom I’ve worked has been in a need of a brand change. Sometimes the need has evolved internally due to new competencies, new technology or new partnership.  Recently, most changes have been market-driven. East driven to be more precise. Going there is not an easy task, and what has been normal company reputation or brand position, is just not that anymore.

Sonja’s references


ABB, Cargotec, Elematic, Eltel Networks, IBM Finland, Kemppi, Logitech, Maillefer, Rahapaja, Sanitec, Thermo Electron/Labsystems, Valio


3 Step IT, Chemical Industries Federation, Deltamarin, Finnish Forest Industries, Invest in Finland, Messua


Bridgestone, Buzz Airlines, Fazer Bakeries & Karl Fazer, K-rauta, Nunnauuni, City of Tampere/Vuores, YesDeli

Case studies

If you got interested, here are two case studies to know more about my expertise.

building brand capital to support growth


gaido_ikonit_masterfile-09How to increase overall brand capital and via that develop company value to match the growth goals?

How to conceptualize business strategy into effective integrated marketing & communication models?


from product selling to value selling

How to renew the brand to match the new competitive strategy without loosing the market leadership in the high end segment?
How to create communicative approach that supports company transformation?