CASE ELEMATIC : building brand capital to support growth

Elematic is a global technology and market leader in precast concrete technology for residential and non-residential buildings.

It is a capital goods company operating in a niche global market with long marketing timeframes. Marketing has for long been built almost only on technology and products within quite conservative and mature market environment.


Sonja Vuorinen was selected as Elematic’s brand and communication strategist in 2004. Starting point was challenging in many aspects. The company had several product brands and names of acquired companies in use. There was no tradition of systematic brand development or strategic marketing communication. Customer needs were not always on top-of-mind either.

Two main tasks were defined in 2004:

  • To increase overall brand capital and via that develop company value to match the growth goals
  • To conceptualize business strategy into effective integrated marketing & communication models


Brand development 2002-2014


Selected business and marketing communication achievements

  • Maintenance of the biggest market share in very hard times of global capital goods business
  • Doubling the turnover within 2004-2010
  • Winning the pitch for the supply of two world’s biggest precast factories – Bismayah in Irak and another in Russia
  • Positive development of company image and awareness in both established and emerging markets


Brand image 2004-2010

Brand renewal 2011



Web as an information arena


Elematic brand / Vision & roadmaps

The skeleton of Elematic’s brand capital development has been the consistent use of a 3-year-planning model in marketing and communication. In every 3 years Elematic has run a global stakeholder survey to understand its brand position and marketing and communication strengths, opportunities and risks. The views of different markets, customer segments and internal audiences has been compared. The survey has given good market insight on Elematic’s brand preference versus its competitors as well.

Brand position vs. competing brands

Marketing communication channels & geographic relevance

Integrated Brand, Marketing and Communication Strategy has been another critical brand management and change tool for Elematic.  It defines the stakeholder approach, goals and responsibilities, the desired company profile and themes, as well as key tools and channels for corporate, internal and marketing and customer communication. Communication themes are still deepened in the content strategy.

extended stakeholder approach to win share-of-mind in new markets

industry issues together with elematic solutionS to build thought leadership in new markets

Content strategy to deepen the brand strategy

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Marketing communication specialists and partners, that have implemented the brand and worked together with Elematic and Gaido during these years: Nitro, Crasman, Tulus, Imageneering, Ilme, Boman, Marjo-Riitta Hautala, Tuija Aro.