Case Elematic – Corporate communication concepts

Second big shift in Elematic’s marketing happened around 2010. Mature, well-known and established markets in the West stagnated and the demand moved to East – India, China, Russia. Common to all these growth markets is  low knowledge of precast as a building method, not to mention the production method. Communication got totally new dimensions – less commercial concepts, more educational contents and unknown audiences with new information needs and communication habits. Web took even bigger role in brand building.

Brand building

Issues communication by company blog

Active brand in stakeholders’ web forums and social sites

Co-branding with other precast building construction experts to educate audience about the building method

Stakeholder magazine – extended online version

Digital reference marketing tools



Goodwill to build brand awareness

Marketing communication specialists,  who have implemented the brand and worked together with Elematic and Gaido during these years: Nitro, Crasman, Tulus, Imageneering, Ilme, Marjo-Riitta Hautala, Tuija Aro.