Case maillefer: From product selling to value selling

Maillefer Group is the global leader in wire, cable, pipe and tube production technologies. They offer over 50 technologies and widest services portfolio in the industry to cover nearby 20 applications.

In the end of 2012 Maillefer recognized the need to review its market positioning in order to sustain the competitive advantage and create new growth in the global market place.

As a result Maillefer chose Gaido as its brand consultant with three main tasks:

  • To renew Maillefer’s brand to match the new competitive strategy
  • To sustain market leadership in the high end segment
  • To create communicative approach that supports company transformation

Brand audit and situational analysis among Stakeholders and competitors

First step in the brand renewal was a stakeholder survey and competitors’ communication analysis. Dimensions of brand capital were used to analyze the results and understand the current position of Mailleferbrand.

The desired brand position was then envisioned in two workshops with Maillefer’s management. Positive impact of Maillefer not only on its customers’ business, but also end-customers business was discussed deeply.

Repositioning to the global market

It was obvious, that the old, technology driven brand promises just were not enough in the new business situation.

Communication strategy as a transformation roadmap

Third part of the brand renewal was creation of a 3-year integrated marketing and communication strategy for the Maillefer Group. It linked the three business units under one communicative approach and themes, and presented the main development projects in MarCom. In that way, the strategy guides the company brand transformation from a product-driven to a value-driven partner.

New product marketing concept

Maillefer’s brand renewal affected the product marketing concept as well. The whole product offering was conceptualized under 3 levels of manufacturing solutions, add-ons and services solutions.

Content analysis

Winners in today’s marketing chaos are those offering clarity and relevance. To be able to answer these communicative needs, Maillefer reduced the used information types by -75% and information formats by -60%!

New company story, tone-of-voice and identity

The way of speaking was changed totally. Business needs of end customers were included in the company story.

Customer communication concept

Maillefer’s customer magazine got a new concept. Instead of a massive production twice a year, Maillefer now uses the company blog integrated in the printed customer magazine publication. The concept increases communication frequency and relevance, but simplifies the production process.

New company website

Same principles of relevance, clarity and value for not only Maillefer’s customers, but also end-customers and partners guided the company website renewal.

Brand launch

Internal launch event @ Cable Factory, Finland.

External launch @ wire 2014, Germany.

Sonja Vuorinen, Gaido, brand and communication strategist in the transformation process

  • Brand renewal including stakeholder and competitors’ communication analysis, brand definition, company story and slogan
  • Integrated marketing and communication strategy 2014-2016
  • Product marketing concept: naming and argumentation
  • Annual action plan
  • Content analysis
  • MarCom conceptualizations

Juho Juutilainen, brand identity, website renewal, MarCom conceptualizations

Crasman, technical partner for website renewal